The Global Flex Bed™

Is a revolutionary new concept designed for use in long-term healthcare facilities as well as for home healthcare. There is no other bed in the world that has same functions we have.

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Benefits of The PrimeFlex Bed™

The unique functions that only our Global Flex Bed™ has will provide much ease and comfort for both caregiver and patient with even better care. This device may be used excellently in Hospitals, Hospices, and Convalescent Homes.

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Management Policies & Goals

Our key goals are to find more international partners who would receive exclusive distribution rights in their country, and to provide consumers with the highest quality product possible, based on their needs and expectations. Please contact us for more detail!

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See how we made care much easier

The Global Flex Bed™ is the innovative and practical solution to greatly reduce the time, expense, and effort that have caused suffering for all those involved in caring for the immobile.

Typically, two nurses are always required for ALL of the following procedures, but ONLY ONE nurse or caregiver would be sufficient to carry out everything themselves with the utilization of the Global Flex Bed™:
This bed makes it easier to wash the patient’s back to avoid back sores and pressure ulcers. After raising the wings of the Global Flex Bed™, the caregiver can easily wipe off the patient’s back with a wet towel. 

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You may view more features and full instructions how our Global Flex Bed™ can be worked simple and easy in our YouTube videos in our MEDIA page. Find out now!